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Web Design-99-05

My web design in the year 1999 to 2005

Honda Cars India Landing Page and all Model Landing Page UIs done between 2002-2009

Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Ltd. Parent Site and all Bike Model landing page UI design education website design in the year 1999.

To get as a client was really a dream for us. I am fortunate enough to designed some of their portal in the year 1999. education was one of them. As usual lots of iteration done to get this final outcome of the web site. Our creative copywriter come up with the concept of “Tamso Ma Jotirgamaya”. web design

It was great opportunity to design the site in the year 1999. We got this opportunity when our marketing people pitched for the web design project. We had lots of discussion with the team, and I have done few design options for them. Finally this site was live. a Matrimonial site web design a matrimonial site was planned by CEO Saumya Meattle of We Started planing for this site. I have designed lots of iteration of this site. This was the final look of the site. a Singapore Government Army Recruitment site

Hewitt Associates India approached us to do this web design. was a army recruitment website of Singapore Government. I have done this design for them in the year 2000. a High-Profile Recruitment Site

This was a high profile recruitment site started by CEO of Mr. Saumya Meattle. The focus of this site to recruit high profile tech guys for fortune 500 companies. I have deigned the logo & the website in the year 1999-2000.

ifund website design, Procter & Gamble’s internet venture fund project

This is a site of internet venture project of Procter & Gamble in the year 1999. We got the brief form our client & I have designed this site. a US based hardware company website design

Telnet.con a venture of a brave Panjabi guy named Billy Bath. He started this company in US in the year 1997. He Approached us to design this site & I have designed this site with the help of our content team. Later on he started another two companies named & was merged with other company. I have designed the and also. The Telnet logo also developed by me.

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