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Logo Design

Logo and Business Card Design for International Clients

Logo & Business Card

Logo and business collateral design for a real estate company

Logo and business collateral designLogo and business collateral design for a real estate company.

Logo & Packaging design for a tea company

Logo & packaging designLogo and packaging design for a tea company. These are not the final out put, but some options for approval.

New logo & responsive web design of

Alltimejobs Logo Design
Alltimejobs Logo Design

Alltimejobs a recruiting company wants to revamp the old brand identity. The management wants to give a fresh & trendy look and prefer green color as a base color of the brand. While doing this exercise of choosing green color I thought about a green shade which tender fresh look as well as corporate. Going through this process, we have decided to adopt the pantone 369 as a base color. The logo symbol depicts people in motion add a great value to the brand identity.

graphics-14Responsive Design: While doing website design, we use foundation 5 as a front end framework so that it works fine in tablet and mobile also.


Logo & Design Process of an US based software company

Logo & Business Collateral Design Process of an US based software development company named

cMango Logo Design Process 01
cMango Logo Design Process 01
cMango Logo Design Process 02
cMango Logo Design Process 02
cMango Logo Design Process 03
cMango Logo Design Process 03
cMango Logo Design Final
cMango Logo Design Final
Logo Design Guideline
Logo Design Guideline





Concept, logo & Slogan Development for National Highway Authority of India


National Highway Authority of India announced a logo design competition in their site. The asked for a solid concept for their logo. I have developed & sent this concept & design to them.



Thoughts behind the concept Green roads is the highway of future. A road that reduces toxic and greenhouse gas emissions, protects watersheds, reduces landfill use as well as protecting ecosystems.

Rungta’s logo design

Rungta's-logo design

A tea company named “Rungta’s” wants to revamp their brand identity. They asked for a fresh, & modern logo which will replace in their small to big packages. I have design these logo options for them.

Saint Curious logo design


Physical fitness Gym Company wants a company logo. The owner of the company approached me to do so. This was the final outcome. This is a corel draw work.


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