Standing Cloud logo design basic sketches
Standing Cloud Logo Design
Standing Cloud Final Logo Design
Standing Cloud Logo

On other day my boss told me to design a logo for a cloud computing company, who offers a logo design contest in The name of the company is The company had a controversy about the Papyrus font used in their existing logo. See the links below.

I thought that I have to give my thoughts on it. I started sketching a smart & bold logo unit for the company. It took two days to come up with some good logo unit. I started designing my thoughts and submit my works. I put my best effort to get this contest by submitted lots of permutations & combinations, and ultimate I won the contest among 204 design concepts from 64 designers. I enjoyed a lot to designing this logo & the client is very happy.

See the contest page & winning design:

See the comments on tech crunch regarding the new logo implementation:
Standing Cloud Raises $3 Million, Fends Off Font Snobs with New Logo